Over the recent past years, there have been a discovery that there was a serious problem that is happening around the world. It is the over-spreading Desertification.)(Nation, 2001) As land becomes un-fertile, soil becomes useless and it turns into sand which results in cracking of land.(Oceanworld,2009). Desertification is a type of land degradation in which a rather dry area of land rapidly turns arid, usually losing the bodies of water within it along with the vegetation and wildlife it supported.It is caused by multiple factors including climate change and human activities. This is a sereious global ecological and environmental problem. (Geist,2005) For example when you burn forests, the trees burns down, and the grip which the roots of the tress have loosens and the rich fertile is being blown away by the wind. Hence, once all the debris is gone, the land is already dust and infertile. 


Base on what my group has researched, there are a few causes that affects desertification(IPS, 1997). Let us talk about how can we prevent or cure it first. There are ways such as planting in strips and rows to hold the soil.( Koohafkan, 1996) Water impound over a wide area in the desert also is an effective way, it is constructed by placing sea water under the sand which will prevent further spreading of deserts.

World Map of Drylands

World Map of Desertification

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