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An investigation of the different approaches to solve the 21st century problem of desertification

Cornelius Lee(19)

Aung Phone Naing(10)

Ryan Hong(22)

Siddhant Manohar(23)


Many areas or fertile lands have become deserts over the years as the land was either misused or by global warming. This have become a 21st century problem over the years and deserts are spreading vastly making the land useless, either for farming or building as sand is very unstable and could collapse buildings at a high percentage. Although this issue is being acknowledge by most countries, little has been done to prevent or solve this situation. So we have came up with a IRS plan to find the BEST way to solve or prevent desertification from happening. So, these are the various existing methods that can help prevent or solve desertification. Water impounding is one of those which can cover a wide area of desert by pumping water under the sand and hence there is also planting which can make the sand fertile again and hold the soil firmly as nutrients of dead plants will be absorbed by the sand. There are also some causes that leads to desertification, there are over-grazing and deforestation as the soil is unprotected by the trees and plants so it is exposed. The top layer of soil will also contain the most nutrients and it will also be swept away by wind and soil erosion occurs too.

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